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The process of PVE mode is different with others. It will not be over if you complete a battle. Under the Dungeon mode, players must past a serious of long or short barrier and beat BOSS, and then you can acquire the final success and rewards.

Dungeon process:
1. Click “Battle” in the lower right corner, you can enter into the Dungeon interface.
2, you can check the current Dungeon message you can choose in Dungeon interface, including the difficulty of Dungeon, Dungeon drop and rewards of passing barriers.
3, after you pass all the barriers in Dungeon, you can acquire overall evaluation and get rewards.
4,BOSS Drop(Turn over card)
In Dungeon, if you defeat Boss (satisfy the requirement of Dungeon), you can have a chance to get BOSS Drop. Every time the dropping items are different. Players can get various kinds of items in different Dungeon card.


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