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World BOSS System
In the set time of every day, players can enter into the specific Dungeon to attack World BOSS. In different time, different World Boss will appear.
For fighting against BOSS, every player in Dungeon is independent. If player dies in the battle, player needs to spend time to revive automatically before the entrance of Dungeon.
During the World BOSS battle, system will display the players whose accumulative damage is rank top 10.Dungeon will close and clear all the players when World BOSS was killed. The final player who beats World BOSS will get extra rewards. The players whose accumulative damage are rank top 3 or reach more than 1% of BOSS’ blood volume will get different rewards. Above the screen, there is a World BOSS button. Click to open. List will display avatar, name, level and appearing time of all the World Boss.

30 minutes before the open of World BOSS, system will make a broadcast to prompt all the players every 5 minutes. After the open of World BOSS, the button will flash to prompt. At the same time, the corresponding BOSS will appear “Enter” button. Click to enter into Dungeon battle.
When players enter into Dungeon, a small area will randomly appear. BOSS can only move in an open area with a small-scale in the centre of the Dungeon. All the players enter into the same Dungeon. One player can only see 30 players. When player encounter BOSS, the battle will begin automatically. Every player will into individual battle. If players die in the battle, they will turn back to the beginning and enter into dead state. At the top of the interface, the countdown of resurgence will appear.players can spend Crystal to revive at once. When players die, they cannot beat BOSS.

If players are failed, troops and blood volume will not be damaged. In addition, player can acquire Gold and Draug after each battle. Players cannot acquire experience.
When World BOSS is killed, all the players’ battle will force to finish. And all players will be kicked out and come back to castle.
The player who gives a final beat to World BOSS will get “Beating Reward”. The players whose accumulative damage is rank top 3 will get “Damage Reward”. The players whose accumulative damage reaches 1% of BOSS but not reach top 3 will get “Comfort Reward”. Players can acquire Beating Reward as well as other rewards. Rewards will send to players’ mailbox by email.


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