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Troop Specialty
Troop Specialty can transfer part of troop trait to hero trait. Players can change the type of troop specialty with “comprehension” in solider upgrade interface. And players have certain chance to increase the level of troop specialty. In addition, every successful comprehension will increase troop blessing value. When the blessing value is full, you will acquire higher level of troop specialty next comprehension. The blessing value will become o when troop specialty is upgrading. The higher level Troop Specialty it is, the higher trait it is.

At present, the supportable troop specialty trait is: life, material defense, magic defense, material attack and magical attack.

Troop specialty comprehension need to spend certain Daru. Every time you need to spend 1 million Daru.

Enlightenment will regenerate soldiers specialties: 1. Specialities obtained through Englightment can only be activated after troops have been activated. 2. Specialties of active troops will be in effect, specialties of non-active troops will not affect stats. 3. Max level is 10.


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